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Working with you in a friendly environment to overcome your difficulties

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What Is CBT?

In your therapy sessions, we’ll use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to work to solve current problems and encourage more helpful thinking and behaviours. I will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. I’m confident you’ll find my personalised individual therapy beneficial and inspirational.
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What Can CBT Help With?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works to interrupt our automatic thoughts and behavioural patterns, focusing on making negative reactions more positive. As such it can be used to treat a range of issues. Find more details through the link below or send me an email with your details so that we can discuss your issues further.

Staff Well-Being

I can develop a range of training, workshops, one to one coaching, advice and therapies bespoke for employers to support employees. 
Employees who are experiencing difficulties either in the workplace or in general may require some early intervention to prevent these issues escalating and needing time off work. Please email me so I can help with a tailored approach for each person.

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Caring, Compassionate, Effective Care

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What To Expect From Your Sessions

When life becomes stressful we often feel anxious, panicked, angry or depressed. We may develop negative ways of coping with these difficult feelings, such as: avoiding people or situations, being argumentative, cleaning or checking things excessively, trying to keep the peace by saying yes when we mean no, worrying about how we look or what others think of us, needing things to be perfect or just right, eating too little or too much.

Talking things through is very important so we have a shared understanding of what you are struggling with. Then we can use CBT to help figure out what may be keeping the problems going and tackle these one by one. By working together in a respectful and compassionate way we can increase our understanding and bring about helpful change.

Set in the peaceful New Forest, you'll find Tiffany House a calming and safe place in which to overcome your difficulties and plan your future well being. Sessions last for 50 minutes and are tailored to your specific needs within a CBT framework.

I offer a warm and friendly environment in which I can get to know you, where we work at your pace to help with any issues that are affecting your personal and work life. 

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