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Corporate Services

I can develop a range of training, workshops, one to one coaching, advice and therapies bespoke for employers to support employees.

But I have the NHS and EAP to help my staff?

The World Health Organisation estimated that by 2020, depression will have become the second most important cause of disability in the world. Whatever the causes of increased mental illness, the reality is that it has become all too common that work related stress and other factors at work and home will lead to staff having to deal with it in themselves, their colleagues or managers.

The NHS and EAP will be unlikely to pre-empt these difficulties and act instead to help people recover after the problem has appeared. A process of enhancing resilience, mindfulness and general education on mental health wellbeing is far better at preventing difficulties than trying to fix them once onset has occurred.

Line managers and colleagues in the front line can make the biggest difference in the field of mental health at work. Reacting appropriately to signs of distress, maintaining contact with people who may be off work due to illness and supporting those recovering from mental health problems are the simple things that can prove job saving, money saving and sometimes even lifesaving. 

I have over 12 years’ experience in the NHS and private practise in the treatment and management of mental health and can help people to manage their stress and mental health problems. I also facilitate workshops, training sessions and groups in a range of areas such as managing stress at work, emotional awareness, worry and sleep.

I can advise managers and staff members on workplace issues such as stress at work, and mental health issues.

My colleague is trained in workplace mediation, to help impartially resolve any conflicts in the workplace.

I can deliver a range of training packages and presentations on different work related issues, including:

  • Managing stress both from a managers and employees perspective

  • Resilience and managing change – building a resilient workforce

  • Recognising mental health problems in staff and how to manage them

  • Learning how to be in the moment – mindfulness skills for staff

  • Managing depression in the workplace

  • Reducing mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace

Therapeutic Workshops:

  • Dealing with worry

  • Managing low mood and depression

  • Managing anxiety

  • Managing panic attacks

  • Managing social anxiety

  • Sleep workshop

  • Using CBT, mindfulness and acceptance to build resilience

  • Overcoming low self esteem

  • Overcoming perfectionism

  • Recognising and tolerating emotions

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